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Best UP Portal Guide for the University of Pretoria

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If you are new to the University of Pretoria, then this UP portal guide should be your best bet. It will help you find your way around the portal and its amazing features.

The University of Pretoria (UP) is well-known for its excellent academics. The UP Portal is a digital gateway that provides many resources and important tools for students and faculty. In this guide, we will explore the UP Portal in detail, helping you understand its features and get the most out of this powerful platform.

The UP Portal is the major platform where students can get access to all the University’s resources online. This portal gives the students access to everything including libraries, course materials, journals, etc. Each student will have access to the platform with their unique Student ID Number and unique password combination. The password must be something that the students will choose by themselves. The platform is accessible anywhere even beyond borders on any network.

Before we go further into the article, take a look at the table of content below. You can click on any of the titles to jump to the particular article.

UP Portal login page

Since the portal is strictly for students and staff of the University of Pretoria, One cannot register it out of their own free will. You can only access the platform if you are a staff or student with a valid student or staff ID Number. With that in mind, let us take a look at how to access the platform.

The UP Portal login page is accessible via the link. Likewise, you can also visit and click on the “My UP Login” button to get to the login page. Refer to the page in the screenshot below.


The image is the exact or similar page you see as soon as you visit the UP student portal login page via a computer or any device that does not display mobile web pages.

You should also check out the UP online application guide. If you have others that want to file the application. Recommned this article to them. 

How to register UP student portal

For first-time users, you must register on the platform before getting access. It takes less than two minutes to register. Before you can register, you must be a University of Pretoria student, staff, or applicant before you will be able to register.

If you are an applicant, you can check your application email. If your application is successful, you will receive an EMPLID or Student Number. This number will become part of your Username during registration. After receiving the email, you must wait for at least 48 hours before registering with it.

With your student number set, let’s begin the registration process.

  • After opening the login link, Click on “New User“. You should land on a page similar to the one in the screenshot below.
  • Enter your Student/EMPLID number in the Username field starting with a “u“. For instance, if your number is “0123456” then you have to enter “u0123456” as your Username.
  • Enter your National ID Card or Passport numbers
  • Click on “Proceed” and you will get to the page where you will have to set your password.

Password Policy

  1. Password shouldn’t be less than 8 characters
  2. It shouldn’t be more than 25 characters too.
  3. Have at least 1 numeric character in your password
  4. At least 2 alphabets, 1 lower case, and 1 upper case
  5. The password is bound to expire after 60 days
  6. You cannot use the same password again.
  • Enter your password following the policy, repeat, and proceed.
  • You can now use your Username and password to log in
You cna also check out the UKZN student central. It is one of the best students portals out there. 

Some features of the UP student portal

There are so many benefits students get from using the UP Portal. It is almost impossible to survive the University of Pretoria without access.

Below are a few of the benefits you can get from using the platform.

  • The platform has a student area where applicants can track their admission.
  • It also helps the student to stay updated with events and news happening across the campuses.
  • Students can access course materials through the platform.
  • Timetables are also accessible on the platform.
  • The “Students Center” helps students in many ways unimaginable.

Check some of the features you can get from this platform below.

1. Academic features on the UP portal

The UP Portal is a valuable collection of academic tools that make your educational journey easier. You can use the portal to access your course materials, syllabi, and schedules. Submitting assignments and tests is simple with the easy-to-use upload system and online quiz options. Tracking your grades and academic records is also hassle-free, providing you with instant information about your progress.

2. Communication tools

In a university, it’s crucial to communicate effectively. The UP Portal provides useful tools for this. You can use the UP email system to communicate with your classmates, teachers, and staff. Additionally, you can participate in course discussions on the portal’s discussion forums. This is a great way to talk to other students and teachers. Moreover, the portal also shares important announcements from teachers and the university.

3. UP Portal resources and support

The UP Portal not only helps you with your academics but also gives you access to many useful resources and support services. The UP library services on the portal make it easy for you to find online databases, journals, and other research materials to help you with your studies. If you have any technical problems, you can quickly get help from the IT Support and Help Desk. Additionally, the portal links you to different student support services like counseling, wellness resources, and academic advising, which are all there to make sure you are well taken care of in every aspect.

Getting books from the UP library is very easy but there is a way you can get any book you want for free. Yes!, Check out these 20 Z library alternatives. You should be able to download any ebook you want for free with no strings attached. 

ClickUP / UP Blackboard Access

UP Blackboard is an innovative platform that is designed to help lecturers to lecture students easily without face-to-face interactions. On the other hand, it is also assisting the students to learn without face-to-face interactions. The UP Blackboard is accessible through the ClickUP link. Students can easily access the platform using their UP Portal logins. To do that, simply visit the ClickUP login page or download the app for your phone.

  • If you visit the page, click on “Sign in with third-party account
  • Click on the UP Portal link and you will be redirected. Log in with your username and password and you are done.
  • Go back to the UP Blackboard link again and you are in.
Every information about this portal is in the UP Prospectus file. You can read that to learn more. 

Contact Support

There are so many things that will demand that you call support. Website issues, login issues, download issues, etc. You must always be ready to make that call or send that email to get your problems resolved.

If you have problems with anything, make sure you contact the corresponding support teams as listed below.


This is where to get support if you are a staff or guest who wants assistance with anything.

Email: [email protected]
Support Number: (012) 420-3051


IT Help desk number. Call this number for support if you are having any IT-related problems. Only registered students will get assistance.

Support Number: (012) 420-3837


All issues concerning Finance/Application Status/Registration/Placements/Accommodation and Residence.

Email: [email protected]
Support Number: (012) 420-3111
To be on the safer side, simply download the Support Manual PDF file. It will also help you to locate individual support desks on campus.


These are questions people frequently ask about this platform. If you have questions that have not been answered here, kindly leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

Can You Access UP Library With UP Portal Logins?

Yes, You can access UP Library with your logins. If you have not seen my article on the UP Library Services yet, you can always check and see how the library system is structured.
Each of the Libraries has online resources where one can read or download course materials and other Journals. Access to these online resources demands a username and password. The UP Portal Logins are the same passwords you use there too.

What should I do if I forget my UP Student Portal password?

If you forget your UP Student Portal password, don’t worry. Visit the portal’s login page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. Follow the instructions provided to reset your password. You may need to answer security questions or verify your identity through email or phone.

How do I submit assignments and take tests on the UP Student Portal?

Submitting assignments is simple. Find the “Assignments” section in your relevant course and follow the instructions to upload your files. For tests and quizzes, visit the respective course section and take them online. The portal will guide you through the process.

If you want to download more journals, then you should check out the ScienceDirect Hub. This portal provides more scientific journals for students. 


The UP Student Portal is a strong platform that helps students and faculty with the tools and resources they need to do well in school and communicate effectively with others at the university.

By using the UP Portal’s features and support services, you’ll have a successful and rewarding educational experience at the University of Pretoria. Take advantage of this digital frontier and make the most of your time at the university with the UP Portal’s help.

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