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UP Vacancies And How To Apply Online

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UP Vacancies give every qualified individual the opportunity to get employed as permanent or temporary staff. You can apply now to secure a job for yourself.

You landed on this page probably because you are interested in working at the University of Pretoria or you just want to get information about UP vacancies. No matter the reason, trust me to provide you with accurate information.

There are vacant positions at the University of Pretoria that are giving people the opportunity to get employment.

If working as a staff of an institution like the University of Pretoria is your dream, then kindly read through till the end.

Before you read on, kindly take a look at the table of content below. It displays the topics on this page. If you see an interesting point, you can just click on the topic to jump to the particular article.

Which Positions Are Vacant?

There are quite a number of vacant positions at the moment. It could be that those positions won’t be available the next day, next minute, or even next second.

The best way to know which positions are vacant at the moment is to check the job postings. The University of Pretoria has a job posting page where you can view available vacancies.

If you want to see all Available Jobs, use this link. There are category-specific links that allow you to see only specific postings.

For instance, if you want to see only Academic Vacancies, you have to use this link. Academic positions include Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Professors, Associate Professors, Deans, etc.

The support positions include IT Assistance, Production Press Operator, Front Desk, Technical Assistance, Security, etc. You can also use this link to check if there are any such postings.

Below is a similar image of how the page will look as soon as you click on any of the links above.

up vacancies page

By clicking on any of the Job Postings, you get to see the full details of the job including requirements and responsibilities.

If you think you qualify for that position then you can go ahead and check how to apply below.

How To Apply UP Vacancies Online

Since this is a job application, there are certain documents you must make available before applying. Don’t panic yet.

You only need the normal documents employers require. The only thing you must know is that the University of Pretoria has its own document specifications. So your documents must meet the specification.

UP Vacancies Recommended Curriculum Vitae

One of the most important documents when applying for a job is the Curriculum Vitae. There is a seven-page Curriculum Vitae that UP recommends.

This CV template captures all the necessary information UP wants to know about you so using this template increases your chance of employment greatly.

Download the template from this link.

You have to make scan copies of all documents that your selected vacancy requires all in PDF format in addition to the CV.

If everything is ready, you can go to the next step where you will file the application.

Don’t forget to make available an active phone number and email address. That is where the University of Pretoria will community with you regarding your application.

How To Apply

Since everything is online, you need an active internet connection and email address to start filing your application.

Go to the postings page using the University of Pretoria vacancies link.

If you are on the job search page, check the top right corner and click on “New User

application page

That is the first step to starting your application. Register with a Username and Password you can always remember.

Follow the instructions on the UP Job search website. There is a full tutorial document to guide you through the application.

There is also another instruction here that will help you to upload the necessary documents.

If you are done, you will have to wait for some time to hear from the University concerning the status of your application. You can also go back to the job postings page, and log in with the username and password you used when signing up. You should be able to check your previous application status after logging in.


Since most of the job opportunities will get filled shortly, I decided not to list them so you will have to click the individual anchor texts to visit the job search pages.

Also, make sure you check the jobs properly and know the requirements before you start the application process.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment below

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