Vodafone Introduces TOBi The Chatbot On WhatsApp

Vodafone Ghana, the first communication network to introduce Chatbot (TOBi) into their web app to help customers resolve issues faster has taken their chatbot to the WhatsApp platform.

When you happen to chat the Vodafone WhatsApp number 0501000300, you are going to be chatting with a bot.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is basically an advanced robot that is programmed to provide answers based on questions that are fed into its memory. Most chatbots are programmed to use human learning mechanisms to understand and answer questions just like human beings.

Chatbots just like human beings, find it difficult during their early times in service. However, as time goes on, they learn new skills and upgrade themselves hence making them interact with customers just like human beings will do.

Most companies using chatbots give their customers 24 hours assistance since the bots don’t sleep or get turned off.

According to Vodafone Ghana, TOBi can chat in Piggy English so most of us who love to use our local English slang will have no problem.

If you want to chat TOBi over the web, you can use this link. If you want to contact through WhatsApp, then the number to chat is 0501000300 .

Note: that this Bot is meant to answer querries only Vodafone Ghana products and services so if you are asking something else, you might endup not getting any answers.

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