Tecno Camon CX: 3 Major Reasons Why I Love This Phone So Much

Tecno Camon CX I will say is one of the best selling Tecno phones since 2017 till now. I could remember the first time I went to their office to purchase one, not long after the release in Ghana, there was only one left on the shelves which was the one I’m using currently.

I don’t know what inspired the making of this type but I strongly love this smartphone more than any other phone I have ever used.

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In this article, I want to tell you 3 major reasons why I love this phone so much but before I move on, I would like to describe the phone a bit.

The Tecno Camon CX series comes in different sizes, colours and have different internal features as well. There is CX Air which was the first release of the Camon CX series, there is Camon CX and now, there is CX pro.

The one I want to talk about in particular is the Tecno Camon CX since that is the one I have been using and have become so familiar with.

The Camon CX comes in two different types. There is one with 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM. That is not the one I use

The Tecno Camon CX I use has 32GB ROM, 3GB RAM, 13MP Back + Front camera with a 4 rounded LED flash, 2 Micro sim slots, 1 SD slot that supports up to 256 GB SD card, fingerprint scanner and super speed charging technology.

This device comes coated in a light weight aluminum body with an inbuilt battery and has a plastic with leather flip open cover for protection against scratching. Ok, That should be enough.

Here are three reasons why I love Tecno Camon CX so much

1. It is cute

I don’t know what you describe as ‘cute’ but I’m very sure not something thick and square like a box. Tecno Camon CX is very cute and the design looks very awesome. I like the way the edges were neatly rounded and not squared like a chopped bar of soap. It is also very slim.

2. The functions

If I say I will talk about this, it will take as long as you can imagine but I promise to keep it as short as possible. First of all, the fingerprint sensor allows me to answer phone calls without using the touch so I don’t have any problem during times of broken touch.

I love the fact that this device runs on Hi OS launcher. Features like OTG support makes it very easy for me to copy and transfer files without using any data cable. I also love the super fast charging feature of this phone. You press more and charge less, that definitely sounds good to anyone who can’t turn of the phone screen for an hour.

3. I loved the price

Most of the time, when buying a mobile phone, you compare the price of the phone to which tasks it can accomplish. With this phone, I realized the price is cheaper after finding out about it’s features and comparing with other phones that has similar features.

Why I Threw Away My Expensive Smartphone For Cheap But Quality TECNO Smartphone

This particular phone is way too cheap especially for we those broke boys who still want to own something worth calling expensive.


Tecno phones are one of the best mobile phone brands I have come across so far. As years go by, we keep exploring and I am definitely not limiting myself to only the Tecno brand. I have to explore more brands so maybe you might see me talking about a different brand next time, just don’t be surprised. There is no limitation in adventure.

You can leave a comment about any brand you wish I should explore or you can say what you also know about the Tecno brand.

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