Why I Threw Away My Expensive Smartphone For Cheap But Quality TECNO Smartphone

Money is something that we all value a lot that is why we always go for quality that will last long and perform all the task that we want it to.

I don’t know how you define quality but my definition of quality means excellent, better than others of the same kind or up to the task and my quality in choice of mobile phones and tablets comes from TECNO.

I will tell you why I chose TECNO and why you should also get TECNO.


Who or What is TECNO Mobile?

TECNO Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer which is based in Hong Kong. It was established in 2006. It is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. TECNO focused its business on Africa and the South Asian market.

TECNO Mobile was the first dual sim smartphone on the Ghanaian market. It started first as a keypad dual sim mobile phone which everybody recommends due to it’s long lasting battery. The first product which sold everywhere on the Ghanaian market is the TECNO T780 which was a dual sim card keypad phone with a long lasting battery.

People loved the long lasting battery feature of TECNO phones so most of the competing brands by then were all ignored due to battery issues.

Then the era of touch screen phones started and TECNO came in with T9 which was a full screen touch dual sim phone and it also sold very well since the brand was getting really recognized by most of the consumers.

Another era came where smartphones started selling in Ghana and everybody started using TECNO as backup phone since there were no TECNO smartphones by then. Everybody moved to the most popular brands. Somewhere 2012-2013, TECNO mobile introduced a smartphone to the Ghanaian market and due to battery issues and price, every body moved to TECNO mobile again.


Why I Threw Away My Expensive Smartphone For Cheap But Quality TECNO Smartphone

As the history of TECNO mobile was moving on and on with so many people following the trend, I was just okay with the brand I was already using. The only issue I had was battery issues so I only bought a TECNO battery into my old phone since it fit in perfectly.

During the era of smartphones, I bought  my first smartphone which was one of those expensive android phones. It cost me Ghc 199.00 somewhere 2013 and it was a single sim slot phone, locked to only Tigo network which means I must still keep my dual sim phone as back up.

It didn’t last for even 6 months and it started giving me problems so I sold it out and went for another smartphone which cost Ghc 350. That one was a bit okay but I had battery issues and if I want to snap a quality photo, unless I use the back camera.

Somewhere 2015 I moved to a Windows Operating system smartphone. I couldn’t use that phone for a month because the limitations were too much.

A friend recommended iOS which was working well for him so I went in for iOS smartphone and started using it. Well, I won’t say it is bad since it also had it’s own platform. I just didn’t feel comfortable with it because there were so many things I wish I could do that I wasn’t able to do on the iOS.

Late 2016, my friend bought a brand new TECNO W3 which I happen to operate for sometime and I realized I was missing a whole lot sticking to an iOS. Within a few days, I was able to give my iOS phone to someone for a very cheap price and went in for TECNO W3 which cost Ghc 270 by then. As at now, I still have the TECNO W3 just that the screen is broken.

I wanted something a bit big so in early 2017, I went into TECNO office to get myself a TECNO DroidPad which is still there working. I gave the DroidPad to my brother and went in for TECNO Camon CX Air due to finger print technology. The CX Air too didn’t last even two months. A friend bought it by force due to it’s high quality performance and I went in for a TECNO Camon CX which has 32GB storage, 3GB RAM, finger-print scanner, 13MP front +back with flash light, a durable battery and light speed super fast charging for a very cheap price.

I love TECNO Mobile



Why You Should Get A TECNO Smartphone

There are so many reasons why you need a TECNO smartphone. TECNO has a smartphone for everybody. If you are a music lover, then TECNO Boom is yours. If you are the photo lover, then the Camon is yours too. For us those who love technology, games, apps and want to keep a lot on our mobile phone, we have the CX, CX air, The phantom and so many others that will fit our needs.

Aside the fact that you get all the qualities you need in TECNO smartphones, you also get super extra benefits for just walking into any TECNO shop and purchasing a TECNO smartphone.

First of all, you save money by buying high quality product for a very cheap price, you eliminate the need to carry heavy power banks around due to it’s durable battery, you eliminate the need to carry an extra dual sim phone along since all your two sims have a slot in the TECNO phone and you also eliminate the stress of turning the back of your phone just because you want to take a high quality selfie.

For as low as Ghc 170, you can get a high quality TECNO smartphone from any TECNO shop.

You can checkout latest deals or shop the phone on their website: TECNOGHANA



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