How To Make Sure Your Phone Doesn’t Kill You Early

Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives. Most people can’t stay away from their mobile phones for just 12 hours in a single day. I know you will lie to yourself that you can do more than that but in actual fact, you won’t be doing it in one peace since you will be thinking about it in some point in time.

Have you ever asked yourself if the mobile phone you are using poses any kind of health risks to you or the people surrounding you?

Have you ever taken out the phone manual to read for yourself the health hazards of your device?

I bring to you 5 health hazards you should look out for while using your mobile phone and how you can prevent them as well.


1. Wireless Radiation

Every device with wireless communication emits a kind of radiation which scientists have proved or still proving could be dangerous to the human body. This kind of radiation comes from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all other wireless communications you can think of.


We can’t stop using wireless devices because of radiation. The only solution is to manage it yourself. Turn off your Wi-Fi, hotspot or bluetooth every time except you want to use it. If you have a personal router at home, turn it off when not in use. Keep your phone in your bag if you happen to carry one along while going out.

2. Heat Radiation

Radiation in this case, is a form of heat transfer. Just like we humans get really hot and sweaty while doing vigorous works, mobile phones and any other device with a processor gets super hot when a huge amount of work is demanded by their user within a short period of time. When the device gets hot, it poses a lot of health risks to the user.


Do not charge your phone while still using it for call, game or texting. When you do that, the phone will have to be performing many different tasks on the go which means it is going to open all it’s cores to be able to execute the tasks you require of it. That means the processor and other diodes are going to get really hot. As most of the latest phones have aluminium casing, your palms are going to get really hot.

Make sure you turn off your mobile data, Wi-Fi and bluetooth when not in use because they also contribute more to the heat.


3. Headaches and brain damage

Headaches are commonly suffered once or twice every week by phone users who like making very long calls. When you make long calls, the mobile network which makes it possible for you to hear the person’s voice also emits some kind of radiation which is dangerous to the brain. If you keep the phone to your ears for a long time, you will feel slight headaches due to the heat and radiation. It doesn’t end with headaches but it also causes problems to your brain that you won’t feel at that moment.



Make your calls as short as possible. Also if you want to make long calls, it will be very safe if you use headphones or earpiece.


4. Blurry vision

Regular concentration of light on the eye for a long time on daily basis is likely to cause blurry vision in the near future. While most people don’t regard the brightness of a mobile phone screen as dangerous as that of the personal computer, I say they are equally dangerous and pose the same threat to the eye.


Now almost every smartphone has a quick setting to increase and decrease the brightness of the screen so whenever you are in a room, the first thing you should do before operating your phone is to lower the screen brightness to 0%.  If you can’t see with 0% brightness, adjust to a level where you can see what you want to see but it shouldn’t be too bright.  Also take photos with flashlight when absolutely necessary.


5. Neck and wrist pains

I don’t know how you hold your phone but I’m very sure you always bend your head into your phone. Bending your head into your phone for a very long time will not only cause stiffness at the back of your neck but also cause stiffness in your wrist as well.



Do not use your phone for a very long time. Try to take breaks from your phone with balances. If you use your phone for an hour none stop, take a break for an hour as well. Also make sure you are holding and sitting in a very comfortable position if you intend to use the phone for a very long period of time.

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