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Top 5 Types Of Educational Games For Everyone

There are many types of educational games for almost everyone. Kids, teenagers, and adults get to play not just for fun but also to build their IQ or learn new things.

Any game that is made with the aim of making the player calculate their steps or find new words is definitely meant to give some sort of education.

Top 5 Best Educational Games

5. Chess


Chess is also another form of checker game. The games demands two participants where one will have the dark chess pieces and the other will also use the light chess pieces.

The aim of this game is checkmate which also means tapping your opponent’s King. The pieces are named with different ranks.

There are first pieces that are always at the front know as ‘pawns’ which are always on the first line. There are Kings, Queens, Rooks, Bishops and Knights.

Each player gets to play with the same pieces and the same arrangements. It takes pure strategy and calculation to tap your opponent’s King.

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4. International Draughts / Polish Draughts / Checkers 20X20

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This game has so many names however, it is the same rules. The game comes with a checkerboard, 20 light marbles, and 20 dark marbles.

It is a strategy game that demands two players. One player will have to arrange 20 marbles and the other player will do the same.

The person whose marbles will finish first becomes the loser. It takes calculations and lots of strategic thinking to play this game and win.

People do play in International draughts competitions all over the world.

3. Scrabble


This one is just like the crossword puzzle with two or more participants forming words from letters A to Z and the person who forms the most words win.

The board is in grids but with this one, the first letter tile must start from the middle of the board where other tiles will cross it vertically or horizontally.

It is one of the best games to play if you really want to build on your vocabulary. The best thing is each word is verified against the dictionary if you are playing with the physical board.

If you are playing online or from your smartphone, there is an inbuilt dictionary that checks your words even before you submit.

This games comes with lots of rules that you must understand verywell before you start playing.

2. Crossword Puzzle

There are many types of educational games for almost everyone. Kids, teenagers and adults get to play not just for fun but also build their IQ or learn new things.

Crossword is a puzzle consisting of grids in which words are fixed in the blank spaces. Any other words that are to be fixed must cross the already existing word vertically or horizontally.

Most of the time, you are given a clue to know which word to fix in the blank spaces. This game is available online for any smartphone and there is even a physical board for playing.

This is one of the best educational games you must play if you really want to have fun and learn at the same time.

1. Sudoku

Top 5 Types Of Educational Games For Everyone

Sudoku is made up of the number 9. The game starts with a 9×9 grid which you have to fill each row or column with numbers from 1 to 9.

According to most people, playing this game at least twice a week could make you a mathematics genius in few years.

The game is full of mathematics involving various forms of calculations. I could remember seeing a Sudoku game behind a newspaper back in the days.

Most people don’t like this game due to the fact that it’s just a bunch of squares with a white background that you have to fix in numbers.

Trust me, it doesn’t look nice, but it is a great learning tool.

You can download Sudoku on any phone or even get the physical Sudoku board.

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