Get Access To Wits Prospectus For Free

Get Access To Wits Prospectus For Free

Wits Prospectus is out and any prospective applicant can download it for free to know all the requirements.

The prospectus is the backbone that drives admissions in every school or institution during a new academic year.

It is when the institutions get to showcase how beneficial or what they will offer their prospective applicants.

This means that is when you as a prospect will get to see what the institution has in store for you. Whether they meet your standards or not.

It actually helps you save a lot of time on inquiries because everything you might probably want to know will be highlighted in the prospectus.

If you have not read my previous article about the Wits online application process, then I recommend you take a look later. It will help you know more about the entire Wits online application process.

You should also use the table of contents below to navigate the contents on this page. You can simply click on any of the topics to jump to that particular article.

What Is In The Prospectus?

Most institutions especially universities outline everything interested applicants must know about their life in the institution and the choices available.

Most of them go to the extent of stimulating questions that prospects will ask and make the brochure answer them.

Some of the things you will find in the University of Witswatersrand prospectus include:

  • Available programmes for both postgraduates and undergraduates
  • The application process for both online and offline applicants
  • Faculties and directions to each of their campuses
  • Application requirements
  • Accommodation plans for both local and international students. There is some interesting information about Wits Accommodation in my previous article you might want to know.
  • Achievements and goals

There are so many things in the Wits Prospectus that you must read by yourself to know.

There are also contacts that you can reach out to in case you have queries that the brochure didn’t answer.

Where To Download Wits Prospectus

Downloading Wits Prospectus is very easy. Simply follow the procedure below to download it.

  • Visit the Wits Prospectus Page. This is a PDF file so it will automatically open the PDF file in the browser.
  • Click on the download icon which is next to the print icon at the top-right corner of your page. (Not always the case. Depending on the device or browser, the download button could be at a different location so you should always look for it no matter where it is.)
  • The Wits Prospectus will download as soon as you hit that download button.

Contact Wits

Are you having issues with the Prospectus?

Probably, there are many questions you have that the prospectus could not answer. You can simply reach out to someone with your queries.

There is Wits KuduBot which can assist you with queries on applications, fees and payments, exams, graduations, timetables, online operations, etc.

You can simply visit to chat with KuduBot.

Don’t feel like talking to a Bot?

Probably the Bot is not explaining things the way you want to understand them. You can easily reach out to someone via phone or email.

Call the Wits Help Desk: 011 717 1888

There is also a way you can take a tour around the University to know how things look like even before filing your Wits Application.

Simply visit the Walk Into Wits Link

Did I touch on everything you wish to know? If not, simply leave a comment in the comment box and I will reply as soon as possible.

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