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Are you interested in knowing about Wits Online Application? This simple guide will help you with every information you need to file your online application. No matter the information I am very glad to be of great assistance.

Here are all Wits online application information for all prospective students. If you are an undergraduate, postgraduate, part-time, or distance, no matter which application you are filing, there is an answer to all your queries here.

Before you go on, take a little time to look at the table of contents below. It shows the overview of all the topics I treated on this page and you can easily click on any of them to jump to the particular article.

University of the Witwatersrand

The University of the Witwatersrand or simply Wits is a South African public research university founded in 1922. Wits are regarded as the third oldest South African university in continuous operation.

The university has a student population of over 40, 000 spread across its two campuses.

Wits are one of the top-performing universities in South Africa. The university offers a variety of courses and has very innovative facilities and resources to help make studying easier.

Some of the things available to help make studies easier are as follows. ;

The above are just a few of the available tools and facilities to help make learning easier for students.

Each year, the University of Witwatersrand expects many applicants for the following categories of courses:

  • Undergraduate courses
  • Postgraduate courses
  • Part-Time Study courses
  • Online Study Courses
  • Short courses

The University always opens applications for all these courses so that prospective students can apply and study.

Wits online application opening and closing dates

The University of Witwatersrand application opening dates vary depending on what or how you want to study. For instance, application opening and closing dates for Undergraduate courses vary for Postgraduates.

Usually, Wits applications open from April and end in October of every year. But not all of the Faculties open applications in April and Close in October.

Since most of the applications have their own opening and closing dates, I will advise that you check the particular course you want to apply to from the Wits website.

This will help you to get a fair idea of when the application will open and close for the particular course you want to apply to.

Make sure you apply on time to increase your chances of getting admission.

You might also want to read about all other university applications. Read an amazing article I wrote about the University of Cape Town (UCT) online application. 

Wits online application

The University of Witwatersrand application is easier online so I suggest you file your application online.

The application forms are available through the Wits online application portal. Depending on what you want to study, you must check the right page to get the right form.

  • To apply to the University of Witwatersrand, simply visit this link www.wits.ac.za/applications/. The page should look similar to the image below.
Wits Online Application Process
Wits Online Application Process
  • If you are completely new, then you will have to create a temporary student ID and Password. This ID and Password are what you will use to open the application form.

Note that this ID does not guarantee successful admission to the University of Witwatersrand.

  • Complete the form and submit it.

The above procedure is the same for all the Wits Course categories except online courses.

If you want to apply for an online course, you must visit this URL https://online.wits.ac.za/study-online-at-wits-apply-now/

You will see the Wits online application form, fill it out with your correct details and submit it.

Application requirements

While checking the Wits Prospectus is the best way to know your Wits online application requirements, I will also list some of them below.

  • Since this is an online application, you must have an active internet connection which should be the most important thing.
  • You also need an active email address for the application.
  • Whether you are completely new or Postgraduate, you must have a softcopy of your recent academic reports. International students also need their academic reports from their international institutions.
  • You also need a copy of your identity document. Be it a National ID card for South Africans or a Passport for international applicants.
  • You will need a copy of your application fee payment receipt for proof of payment.

If you want to know the academic requirements or program-specific requirements, then refer to the Wits prospectus.

Wits online application fees

The Wits online application fees vary depending on which study options you are choosing. I will list some of the application fees below.

All application fees must be paid into Wits application accounts which can be found when you scroll down this page >>> https://www.wits.ac.za/undergraduate/apply-to-wits/

Also, make sure you quote your Temporary Number or Person Number as a reference when making payment.

South Africans offering undergraduate courses will pay R100 while Internationals pay R200.

Postgraduates will also pay R200 for application.

If you want to know about tuition fees and others, simply consult the Wits prospectus.

How To Check Your Application Status

To check your Wits online application status, you must get to the Wits Self-Service portal.

The self-service portal allows you to check your application status and also know if Wits want additional documents from you.

Using the self-service portal will also help you to check if all your information is correct. It is the same portal that will help you to upload all your documents.

I have a simple guide on how to use the Wits Self-Service portal. You can check it out and know more if you don’t know much yet.

In most cases, the University of Witwatersrand will communicate with you via the Self Service portal instead of your personal email address. You must check your application status all the time to know your progress.

If you have any queries that you wish to talk to someone, simply call 011 717 1888.

You can also use the My Wits Portal to open tickets.

Wits accommodation application

Wits Campus Housing and Residence Life is responsible for everything concerning accommodation. Everything you want to do or know about accommodation must go through Campus Housing and Residence Life.

Most of the Wits’ accommodations are on-campus residences. You will not have to worry about walking long distances before getting to campus.

Applying for accommodation is very simple.

It is very important to apply for residence before the end of September each year. Late applications are unacceptable.

First, you will have to prepare an R10000 deposit for your residence fee. International applicants, in this case, are required to pay 75% of their residence fees.

The residence application is via Wits Self-Service Portal. Log in to the portal using this link.

Students who are already on campus without residence can also apply via the Wits Self-Service portal.

If you want more information on the accommodation simply visit the Wits accommodation page.

Wits Application FAQs

This is where I try my best to answer all queries you might want to put out there. I will try to answer all possible questions but in case you don’t see the answer to your queries, you can still use the comment box to put your questions out.

Is Wits online application still open?

Wits online application closes by the end of October each year. If you have not filed your application within that period, then you will have to wait till next year. Late applications are acceptable but only in certain circumstances. Check the application opening and closing dates above.

Do Wits have a student’s accommodation?

Yes! Wits have student accommodation. Even though most of the accommodations are on-campus residences, students can still get private accommodations out of campus.

How do I apply for accommodation at Wits?

The Wits application is very simple and can be done through the Wits Self-Service portal. Whether new applicants or already at Wits without accommodation, you can still apply via the students’ Self-Service portal.

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