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The AUT prospectus is now available for anyone who wants it. It is in a PDF file format so you can download and view it later.

If you are looking for information about the AUT prospectus, then you are at the right place. Some of the information on this page will go a long way to even help you after getting admission to study.

Before you move on, take your time to check the table of contents below. You will see an overview of which information is available on this page. You can also click on any of the titles to jump to the particular article.

Why Do You Need AUT Prospectus?

The major reason why every potential applicant must read a prospectus is that it is very informative. It is the only source of relevant information about the institution you want to apply to.

Most universities make their prospectuses in a way that will reduce the load of people calling in for inquiry. It means the universities make sure they answer all questions that might be posed to them in the brochure.

While some of the brochures are just a couple of leaves long, others can be as long as a whole book. For most universities including the AUT, there are two categories of prospectuses. There is the main prospectus and programmes or faculty prospectus.

The main prospectus contains more information on the University, application processes, requirements, fees and all the other things that you need to get a successful admission.

Programme or faculty prospectuses contain information about only the particular programme or faculty. It mostly has information about programme requirements, grading systems, study facilities, etc. It is specifically to inform you about what you get studying a particular programme.

Download the AUT Prospectus

As I said in the paragraph above, there are two categories of prospectuses available. You can download the main prospectus using the link below.

The file is in PDF format so after clicking the link, use the download button to download the file to your device.


The file has 60 pages all containing information about the Auckland University of Technology.

Below is the link for downloading the programme-specific prospectuses.


The link above will open a page similar to the one in the screenshot below. The page contains all the programme prospectuses available for the Auckland University of Technology. You can also see the main prospectus at the end of the list on the page.

AUT prospectus page
AUT prospectus page

Take note that, all the prospectuses have their Undergraduate and Postgraduate versions. If you are downloading, make sure you download the one that aligns with your qualification choice.

What is in the prospectus?

I am not going to rewrite the entire prospectus but I can give you an overview of the prospectus to make your work easier. The prospectus is designed to help answer all your questions even before you ask them. So expect all your answers here.

I will group the available information under subheadings so that you can easily differentiate between what talks about what.

Available Programmes at AUT

Since studying is the reason why you are considering the Auckland University of Technology, let us take a look at the available programmes first. Check the list of available programmes below.

  • Architecture & Built Environment
  • Arts & Design
  • Business
  • Communication Studies
  • Creative Technologies
  • Culture & Society
  • Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Science
  • Health Science
  • Law
  • Science
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Te Ara Poutama.

These are the available programmes at the Auckland University of Technology. Each of the programmes has its own prospectus on the prospectus page.

Life at Auckland University of Technology

Most of us worry a lot about how life at the university is going to be and it even haunts us sometimes than the courses we will be studying. Let us take a look at how easy it is going to be for you to study at the Auckland University of Technology.

  • Accommodation: This is a problem for most applicants, especially international applicants. This shouldn’t be your problem at all because AUT accommodation terms are good as stated in the prospectus.
  • Language: All you have to do is to ask the Student Hub who speaks your language and you will get someone to talk to.
  • Financial Assistance: Get financial help from the Students Hub if you are experiencing financial difficulties. Yes! There is something like that at the Auckland University of Technology.
  • Digital Tools: You don’t have to buy software or pay internet bills when studying at AUT. Immediately you gain admission, you have all the tools you need readily available.
  • Safety: AUT has the safety of the students and staff at heart. So there are trained security guards available every time who will take care of all security issues.

These and many other things are available in the prospectus under the “Life at AUT” heading. You should read the prospectus to know more about what life at AUT will be like.

Application Process and Requirements

One of the main reasons why people always read the AUT prospectus first before filing their application is to know the application process. The Auckland University of Technology prospectus contains all the application requirements and processes.

You can also check my article about the Auckland University of Technology application process and requirements. I have outlined all the processes and the necessary requirements in the article.

Check the main AUT prospectus to get all the information you need. Since this is just an overview of the AUT prospectus, I only listed just a few major points. The prospectus contains some key information that you must read to know.

AUT Prospectus FAQs

This is where I answer most of your questions concerning the AUT prospectus. Even though I have answered some major questions here if you still have more questions simply leave them in the comment box and I will answer them as early as possible.

What is a prospectus?

A prospectus is a document prepared by schools or Universities with the sole purpose of attracting potential students. It also carries major information that might answer questions prospects have about the institution.

Who is the AUT prospectus for?

The prospectus is for potential students. It carries information that will guide applicants with knowledge about the University and how to apply.

What is AUT acceptance rate?

The Aukland University of Technology acceptance rate is at 50%. Five out of every ten applications go through and it is fairly easy to get admission since one applicant can file multiple applications.

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