Getting Easy Access to The University of Auckland Library

The University of Auckland according to the global and local ranking is the best in New Zealand. It is also the largest university in New Zealand currently boasting over 40,000 students dispersed on the University’s many campuses.

The Univesity has a range of courses and facilities to make learning and teaching very easy. Since this institution is the largest in the country, lots of international students also find their way there.

The University of Auckland application acceptance rate also favours applicants a lot so it is easy to get access to quality education there.

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University Of Auckland Faculties And Institutes

  • The UA Business School is one of the best in New Zealand.
  • There is a faculty of arts housing humanities, social science, languages, and indigenous studies at the UA.
  • Auckland Bioengineering Institute deals with the application of mathematical and engineering science to biology and human physiology.
  • Research institutes and centres are also available for all types of research across the entire school.
  • Faculty of Health And Medical Science dealing with studies into human health and medicine.
  • The faculty of Science gives students the opportunity to learn and perform various scientific research.
  • Liggins Institute helps to improve the quality of life through research into long-term consequences.
  • Faculty of Law is one of the best law schools in New Zealand.
  • The Faculty of Engineering also helps to improve the quality of life through the application of scientific knowledge.
  • Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Faculty of Creative Arts And Industries.

All these faculties and institutes are in one school, therefore, making it the best.

The University of Auckland Campuses And Locations

Since this is the largest Tertiary institution in New Zealand, it is just appropriate to have as many campuses as possible to contain the number of students. The school has quite many few campuses in the city.

City Campus: This is the inner city campus housing some of the school’s amenities including health service centres, libraries, childcare facilities, cafes, and a recreation centre. The campus is in the Auckland Central Business District.

Grafton Campus: Also an inner-city campus in Grafton. The campus is the home of health and science housing The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy, and School of Optometry and Vision Science.

Newmarket Campus: Another inner-city campus housing the school’s Engineering facilities and located at 314-390 Khyber Pass Road.

Epsom Campus: 74 Epsom Avenue is the location of this campus and home of the Faculty of Education and Social Works. The campus also houses other amenities including leisure facilities and a state-of-the-art educational library.

Tai Tokerau Campus: 13 Alexander Street, Whangārei is the location of this campus. It is also another home for the Faculty of Education and Social Works.

Leigh Marine Laboratory: Located on Goat Island near Warkworth and has access to a wide range of unspoiled marine habitats.

South Auckland Campus: The campus is at Manukau housing another branch of the Faculty of education.

Goldie Estate Campus: This is the home of Goldwater Wine Science Center. Located on Waiheke Island.

These and many other campuses are available for students to explore.

Getting Access to the University of Auckland Library

The University of Auckland has one of the largest library networks in New Zealand. The institution has lots of physical libraries dispersed on most of the campuses. These are innovative libraries that give students access to vast learning and research materials.

Some of the school’s amazing libraries include the Sylvia Ashton-Warner libraries specifically for the Faculty of Education and Social Work and the Philson library for the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

There are also the General Library, Davis Law Library, and Leigh Marine Laboratory Library.

Apart from the physical libraries, there is also an online library which is more like the hub for all learning and research materials. Students and other privileged users can access this online Library from anywhere in the country. Apart from materials that demand a more physical approach, there is no limit to the information available on this platform.

The University of Auckland Library Membership

The University’s informative libraries are accessible to everyone. However, some conditions must be met and there are limits to what one can get depending on their position.

Let’s quickly take a look at who is eligible and the conditions one must meet before accessing the University of Auckland library.


The first people to talk about are the staff. The staff includes all workers of the University who have access to staff ID and are registered as workers for the institution. This group has access to all the resources of the University of Auckland library.

Even though having access means you can access any information you want, there are only certain privileges granted when it comes to borrowing.

Staff borrowing privileges.

  • Staff can borrow up to 100 items from the library including books and other library materials that satisfy the borrowing terms and conditions.
  • Items can be on loan for a maximum of 60 days. But can count down to just five days if there is a waiting list.
  • The loan can be renewed up to a maximum of 180 days.

Staff members who can enjoy these privileges include current staff, retired staff, UniService Contractors, Academic visitors, and Academic Contractors with borrowing privileges.


Students, I will say are the major users of the library. They are the key stakeholders when we are talking about the University of Auckland library.

Students include Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Doctoral Candidate students, New Start, and Foundation students.

All of them have the same borrowing privileges as the staff privileges above. Both students and staff don’t have to pay anything to use the library.

Associate Groups

Associate membership comes in different categories and each of them comes with its own privileges. Apart from the fact that there is a limit to what one can access with associate membership, one must also pay for membership. You should check the categories of associate membership available on the library website.

University of Auckland Library Borrowing Terms

I have stated the borrowing terms for staff above and I have also explained that the same borrowing terms apply to students. There are other University of Auckland library terms I didn’t touch on so I would like you to know them as well.

The terms I mentioned earlier were general library terms. There are some other terms that you must know.

Short Loan Terms

There are short loan terms that allow users to borrow items for a specified period of time. Below are the terms.

Two hours

This term allows users to borrow items for a maximum of two hours. There are no renewals. However, if the library closes within the next hour, the users can keep the item overnight and return it at the next opening time. Failure to return it at the next opening time will attract fines.

Three hours

This term is mostly for high-demand audiovisual content. The user must return the item within three hours after borrowing or else pay penalties. There are no renewals.

Same day

No matter the time the user picks the item, the item must be returned before the library closes. Otherwise, the user will pay a fine or get their access card blocked.

Three, five or seven days

As the numbers suggest, you can borrow for three, five or seven days. An item borrowed for three days can be renewed for up to a maximum of six days.

Click and Deliver

There is a Click and Deliver service which allows library users to get their items delivered to their specified locations. Since this is a subscription service, one must apply and get approved before using this service.

Applicants must also have an active campus card to be able to apply. You should check out how to apply for this service from the website.

University of Auckland Library FAQ

I will try my best to answer certain questions about the University of Auckland library that you might want to be answered. If you don’t see your specific question here, you can ask it in the comment box and I will reply as early as possible.

How do I borrow books from the UOA library?

Simply visit any of the physical library locations and request a book from the front desk. You can also request books via the internet and even get them delivered to your location using the Click and Deliver service. Follow the instructions on requesting a book to request from the University of Auckland library.

How many books can I borrow from the UOA library?

Staff and students with borrowing privileges can borrow as many as 100 items. However, other users will have to inquire from the librarian. Since there are a lot of limitations on the use of the library for other members, it is important to inquire from the librarian to know what you are entitled to.

Who can use the University of Auckland library?

The major users of the University of Auckland libraries are staff and students. However, there are other types of membership that are open for other people from the community to register. Even though this membership will also give you access to the library, there are limitations on what you can access.

Where is the University of Auckland database?

The University of Auckland database is online and accessible anywhere in the world. All you have to do is visit the library’s website, log in and search the database. Everything that you can find in the physical library is available online and you can also request for more to be sent to you at a fee.

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