Exploring the Benefits of Studying at an International School in Hong Kong vs. Public School

Whether an international school or public school in Hong Kong can benefit a child’s education. Studying abroad is a privilege because of the price of finishing a degree. Hong Kong is a perfect place to escape from local universities and pursue a career that will benefit you globally. That being said, expat parents can choose from many international schools that will make life abroad easier. 


Choosing the best international school in Hong Kong is essential to enjoy the full benefits of quality education. They follow the British curriculum aiming for excellence and success for the parents and pupils. It also guarantees a caring community to support the overall learning process – mentally, emotionally, and socially. They aim to help students grow in every aspect and choose a career path. 

International School Versus Public School 

Maybe you are a parent searching for the ideal ways to give your kid a well-rounded schooling. To better understand what to expect, comparing the costs, curriculum, and class sizes of public and international schools in Hong Kong is best. 

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Education is free in Hong Kong from primary to senior secondary level. This makes public schools more accessible and practical for most families, requiring less than 200,000 dollars to finish a four-year degree. 

While in Hong Kong international schools, you must pay annual tuition fees, which differ by grade level. The price can be overwhelming for average earners. 


The class size pertains to the number of students per classroom. One of the benefits of going to an international school is it is less crowded than local public schools. As a result, the learning process will be less competitive and most likely follow a one-on-one teaching approach. 

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Public schools adhere to the standard curriculum and are regulated by the government. They teach in English or Chinese language.

On the other hand, the government has nothing to do with international schools’ curricula. These provide cutting-edge subjects, making a child more competent globally. Educators in international schools speak in English only. 

Hong Kong has been transforming its curriculum over the years. Presently, there are no tests for primary and junior secondary levels. This results in minimal cases of mental breakdowns among students. 

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Why Choose International School in Hong Kong?

Obtaining a high-quality education is the main benefit of sending a kid to an international school. However, there are more reasons why expat parents choose international schools over public institutions. These include: 

Smaller Class Size 

The first advantage of joining an international school is the small class size. It is less competitive than local public schools and is best for students who do not prefer crowded rooms. Teachers can also meet each student’s learning needs without missing a point. 

More Westernized 

Western culture is the education standard of international schools in Hong Kong. They aim to reduce the pressure on students, which expat parents opt for. It is less strict compared to public schools. Its curriculum is student-focused, nurturing a child with a quality education from daycare to higher degree levels. Therefore, expat parents find international schools a safe place to set and fulfill clear goals and dreams for their children. 

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More Relaxed

This pertains to the facilities available within the school grounds. Students can attest to how enjoyable it is to study abroad, supported by cutting-edge technology. They can do other activities than just focusing on academics to reduce stress. 

International school grounds can provide a quiet library, a gym, and recreational spots for students to develop more skills. Hong Kong also has the best places to visit, open for students during their free time. It is ideal to go out with friends from time to time and meet other locals. 

Boost Global Careers 

It is easier for international students to grab a top-tier job after schooling. The advanced learning process prepares students to be more competitive in their early years. Studying abroad gives you a broader perspective on the career that suits your interest. It allows students to explore the world in a four-cornered room before facing reality. 


The truth is many companies are now looking for individuals capable of dealing with global matters. This is the edge for international students eyeing high-paying jobs. The holistic learning approach during undergrad has equipped students with a more profound sense of the industry. 

Supports Diversity 

There are language schools in Hong Kong to break barriers between local and foreign students. Though English is the primary language, studying Chinese for day-to-day life abroad would be better – either Mandarin or Cantonese. It will show other people your interest in their culture, opening more doors for you in the future. If you go for Chinese learning center, that may manage your concerns with the Chinese language. You can find diverse opportunities in this learning process. 

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Final Thoughts

To sum up, studying overseas is wise if you long for a superior future. You will stand out from the crowd when applying for high-paying jobs. The cost of starting a good career path is definitely higher than the average. The good news is that going to an international school can help you become more globally competitive, grow personally, and expand your network as a whole – so the cost will be worth it. Starting your life abroad can be difficult, but it could also be easier in Hong Kong. 

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