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How To Activate MTN Magic Number To Make Free Calls

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The MTN Magic number is a simple service that allows new subscribers to make free calls with a selected MTN number for six months. I mean absolutely free calls with a 0.00 airtime balance. It is as simple as that however, it comes with lots of instructions in order to get it right.

How To Activate MTN Magic Number.

Before you start the process, you must make sure your number is not older than six months else it will not work. Also, know that the MTN magic number is exclusively for only new subscribers.

You must also select an MTN number you call more often in order to activate the MTN magic number. What will be happening after activation is that you will be able to call that selected number every day until six months without airtime.

  • The process starts by dialing: “*550#“.
  • After dialing the code, select option 8 (more).
  • Select option 1(MTN Magic number).
  • Select option 1 to enter the number you would like to use as your MTN magic number.
  • Now, enter the MTN number you would like to use as your magic number and confirm.

That is it. You have activated the MTN Magic Number and you can now call the chosen number for free for six months. You can make free calls even if you have a 0.00 airtime balance.

What you should also know about this service is the fact that each customer can only activate this service once and that is it. The service can not be deactivated and the number used can not be seen or changed.

Since the number can not be changed, you must be very careful when selecting the number to activate the service.

Other Services Help Make Free Calls Beside MTN Magic Number

Because the MTN Magic Number is a one-time service that allows MTN Ghana customers to make free calls for a limited time. After six months, you will go back to your normal call tariff. That is why this is here to help reduce how much you spend on calls.

I have outlined some of these simple MTN short codes and tricks in a previous article. Click the link to check it out.

Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode)

This is a special call tariff that allows customers to make calls by paying for only the first minute of the call. The rest of the call becomes completely free after paying a little over Ghc 0.30 for the first 1 minute of the call. You also get 50MB of data on your first call every day.

Both on-net (MTN to MTN) and off-net (MTN to other networks with international calls excluded) will last for 59 minutes and 59 seconds before dropping automatically.

You can subscribe to MTN Free After 1 or MTN Nkomode by dialing the shortcode, *550#. You should also do well to check the term & conditions for this service.

MTN Sunday Special

MTN Sunday special is another special tariff that helps you make all-net calls on Sundays at a cheaper rate. This particular service only works on Sundays and gives you an SMS package in addition to your call minutes.

You can subscribe to the MTN Sunday special from the *550# USSD menu. The service starts at 12:01 am and ends at 11:59 pm every Sunday. It automatically renews so do well to Unsubscribe if you don’t want to use the service the following Sunday.

It is very important that you know the MTN Sunday special terms and conditions before you subscribe.

MTN Jara

With MTN Jara, qualified customers can enjoy an unbeatable package that allows
calls and SMS to all networks in Ghana at 52 Pesewas daily.

The offer is open to only prepaid customers in Volta, Oti, Upper East, Upper
West, Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Northern, North East, and Savannah
regions. The customer must have been in the region for at least three months else might not qualify for the service.

To subscribe to Jara, simply dial *550# and select “Jara”. The service is renewed automatically so do well to unsubscribe if you don’t want to use the service the next day.

You should also check out the Jara terms and conditions before you subscribe.

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MTN magic number FAQs

This is where I will try to answer all the frequently asked questions about the MTN magic number and all the other services I mentioned. In case you have a question that I couldn’t answer here, simply leave your question in the comment box and I promise, I will answer it as early as possible.

What is the code for MTN special number?

The code for MTN special number or MTN magic number as it is popularly known is *550#. Dial it and follow the procedure as indicated in the article above to activate the service.

What is MTN Nkomode code?

The MTN Nkomode code is *550#. Note that if you subscribe once, it is on till you unsubscribe. However, you can only subscribe once within 24 hours.
It means if you subscribe now and unsubscribe after a few minutes, you will have to wait for 24 hours before you can subscribe again.

How can I stop MTN Jara?

To stop MTN Jara, simply text the word “STOP” to 550. To subscribe, dial *550# and follow the prompt. You must also note that this service only works from Monday to Saturday.

What is the Sunday special code for MTN?

The Sunday special code for MTN is *550#. There are other services running on the same USSD code so you have to dial and follow the prompts to select the MTN Sunday special.
Note that this service automatically renews itself so do well to unsubscribe after activation. Simply text the word “STOP” to 550 to unsubscribe.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment in the box and I will reply as early as possible.

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