How to Get iLife ZED Air Laptop Drivers for Free

If you landed on this page then you probably got your ZED Air laptop a new Windows installed and your drivers are no longer working. Well, you are at the right place and I will show you how to get the ZED Air laptop drivers, including; Audio, Video, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Drivers, etc in a single key press.

There are no ZED Air laptop drivers available for downloads, not even on their website but I show you a simple way to get all the drivers and get your laptop working again. 

Usually, some of the driver issues come from improper BIOS configuration. Learn how to reset iLife Zed Air laptop BIOS from an earlier article I wrote. 

First, you should know that if you installed a different Windows Operating System apart from the exact version that came pre-installed on your device, some of your drivers might not work again. Most of the time, it feels like iLife never updates their system drivers to fit a new version of Windows so if you install a different Operating System, your drivers might not work again. 

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To ensure your laptop functions smoothly, it’s crucial to have the correct drivers installed. Drivers are software programs that allow your laptop’s hardware to communicate effectively with the operating system. In this article, we’ll explore how you can obtain iLife ZED Air Laptop drivers for free, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility. However, let us take a quick look at what the drivers do.

Understanding the Role of Drivers

Drivers act as intermediaries between your laptop’s hardware and software. They enable your operating system to recognize and utilize specific features of your laptop, such as the touchpad, keyboard, audio, and graphics. By having up-to-date drivers, you can maximize the laptop’s potential and avoid compatibility issues.

If you did not install Windows properly, you will have problems updating your drivers. Learn how to properly Install Windows on iLife Zed Air from an article I wrote earlier. 

How to Get iLife ZED Air Laptop Drivers for Free

To install iLife Zed Air laptop drivers, get an internet connection and Make sure you are connected to a good internet with good signal strength. 

  • Click on the Windows search button. You should see a similar operation as the one in the screenshot below.
  • Type “Check for updates” and Click on the Check for Updates option that is labeled as a system setting. Refer to the image above.
  • Click the check for update button and wait for it to look for and install updates. Check the image below.

If after going through this process, you couldn’t get any iLife Zed Air laptop drivers, you will have to follow the below procedures.

Using third-party driver pack

While using third-party driver packs is not recommended, it is the only option available if an automatic driver update fails.

With this, you will have to use third-party software to check for and update drivers. To do this, follow the procedure below.

  • Click on “Install Required Drivers” after landing on the website and the software will start downloading.
  • After downloading, install the software and allow administrator access for it to start searching for drivers. This software should search all available and compatible drivers and install them for you. 
  • After searching for all the drivers, just click on the “Install Drivers” button to install your iLife Zed Air laptop drivers.

The above method does not work with only iLife ZED Air laptops but also with any other laptop or desktop out there that you can’t find drivers for.  

Note that if you are running on a metered network, the above solution will not work on your device. Also, you should be aware that the above method will consume a huge chunk of internet data. 

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These are questions that people frequently ask about this particular topic. If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave them in the comment box and I will reply as early as possible.

Is the iLife laptop good?

iLife laptops are perfect laptops, especially for students. They come as lightweight laptops that can handle everyday use tasks. Since they are made with students in mind, their batteries can last for as long as you can imagine.

How do I download iLife Zed Air laptop drivers?

You can use the Windows automatic drivers update in the System Settings to download your drivers. Or simply use third-party software like Driverpack Solutions for downloading your drivers.


Obtaining and installing the correct drivers for your iLife ZED Air Laptop is essential for smooth functioning and optimal performance. Remember to follow the installation steps carefully and take precautions such as creating a system restore point and backing up important files. Regularly updating your drivers will ensure your laptop operates at its best. Enjoy the improved performance of your iLife ZED Air Laptop!

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