5 Online Jobs You Can Start Without Capital

5 Online Jobs You Can Start Without Capital. Money-making is one thing that has been part of humanity for so many generations and centuries. Irrespective of your age or gender, the need to make money and be financially stable is constant.

So if online jobs that require no capital are your search term, then you are at the right place. Stick and stay as we take you through these eye-opening opportunities. Along with business skills, try investing in good leadership learning to take on your business as a “boss.”

Be it buying and selling businesses, a manufacturing and distribution business, or any other kind of job or business you want to do. Now, contrary to popular opinions and belief that online jobs and businesses are capital-intensive, there are many online jobs you can do without even a penny.

In this article, we shall look at 5 of such jobs. 5 online jobs you can start anywhere in the world without even owning a penny of your own.

So if online jobs that require no capital are your search term, then you are at the right place. Stick and stay as we take you through these eye-opening opportunities.

Since the online market is very dynamic, I have added few extra jobs to the list so you can have many choices to make. I will add more jobs later.

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Dropshipping is a buy-and-sell business model where the seller purchases products on demand from the supplier or manufacturer. In other words, when doing dropshipping, you buy items for your customers using their money to shop from a supplier outside. The product is either delivered to the buyer directly or delivered to the seller for onward delivery to the buyer.

For instance, if I want to buy an iPhone X from the US and I don’t know how to do that, I can contact Kofi to do it for me. Kofi then takes money from me and makes the purchase and gets the device shipped to me in Ghana. In doing this, I am the buyer, Kofi is the Drop Shipper or seller while the shop where he buys the phone from is the Distributor/ Manufacturer.

So, the only difference between dropshipping and normal buying and selling is that, for drop shipping, you get your buyer before you place an order. But with normal buying and selling, you buy your product before you market to prospective buyers.

If you wish to go into drop shipping, you can check out this guide: How To Start A Dropshipping Business Easily With 5 Simple Steps

Freelance Writing

Whether you are a professional content writer for blogs or you write the greatest advert and marketing copies, you could start making hundreds and thousands of cedis online.

Freelance writing is practically a contractual writing session job where you take deals from companies and firms all over the world to deliver quality writing for them. Your writing can be articles, reviews, advert copies, and even educational research works. With Freelancing, you are paid per project. So, depending on the number of hours and the number of words involved, you charge accordingly.

With this job, you don’t need money to start. All you need is good writing skills, a reliable internet connection, and access to a freelancing site such as Fiverr.com

You can do this job completely from the comfort of your home and via your smartphone or your laptop. No need to commute from place to place with a Freelance writing job. If you are lucky to get some grand American company to write for, you could be making a huge tonne of money. Some Freelancers charge between 10 to 50 USD per hour for their projects.

The more consistent and quick you are with your delivery, the higher your rating and the more contracts you are likely to get. Some of the most successful freelancers earn up to 10,000 USD per month. It all depends on your efficiency and how quick you are with your delivery.

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Survey/ Microworkers

If you’ve ever come across some platforms on the internet where you are asked to complete some surveys or some questionnaires for some money, then you’ve most likely had an encounter with Microworks.

Microworks include small tasks, which when put together make up a bigger project. Such tasks are completed by many people on the internet in exchange for some tokens.

Depending on the platform and the project at hand, your tasks can range from writing product descriptions to sharing links, writing reviews, filling survey forms, and even to some more complex tasks such as writing codes or algorithms.

Again, depending on the platform outsourcing such tasks, the amount allocated to each task may differ. While some pay as low as 1 Cent or 0.001 USD per task, some can pay as high as 10 USD per task. Some legitimate microwork or microtask sites are; Swagbucks.com, Fiverr.com, microworkers.com, shopkick.com, and easyshiftapp.com.

Note that there may be many other platforms promising cash for similar tasks but only a few of them are legitimate. Be sure to check reviews about such sites and also how long they’ve been in existence.

Remember also that you don’t need to pay any money to register on such platforms nor do you have to pay any money to redeem your earnings. Also, your earnings per task largely depend on the requirements of the task. So if you are being promised a higher amount per task for a relatively smaller task, you should be careful.


If you are a social media guru, chances are that you have seen some big firms posting regularly on social media. Now, what you don’t know is that the owners of these companies are not the ones posting on the platforms.

There are people like you; Social Media enthusiasts who take up such jobs as Social Media Managers for various companies. Their role is to create engaging content for the brand and manage the accounts in terms of comments, page growth, messaging, and lead generation.

This is mostly a remote job and can be done from anywhere. There are a few companies who would want an account manager to work from the office though. Also, you only need a laptop or phone, an internet connection, and good knowledge of social media for this job. You don’t need to have any cash at all. You can apply for such jobs via online opportunities or write proposals to prospective clients.

Either way, you can be looking at making around 2,500 cedis per month from managing a brand’s social media account in Ghana. This is practically one of the best online jobs without capital investment.

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Influencer marketing is gradually becoming a big thing in the online space. Becoming a social media influencer is simply about building a strong brand presence and amassing huge followers.

Social media accounts are free to create. So, you just have to create an account with a compelling name and produce regular content to attract more people. The more followers you get and the more interactive your followers are, the more money you are likely to make.

Brands and businesses reach out to influencers to promote their products on their accounts. In today’s marketing, influencer marketing has a higher conversion rate than an advertisement. This is partly because people listen to what other people have to say about products. So if you tell your followers about how good a product is, if they trust you enough, they’ll go for that product automatically.

For this reason, some famous people make huge sums of money from Influencer Marketing. Cristiano Ronaldo makes around 600,000 Euros from every post he makes to promote a brand on his Instagram Page.

If your brand is relevant to some important industries, you can make thousands of cedis and dollars through Influencer marketing.

Though this job doesn’t require lots of money, it involves lots of time in building an audience and creating relevant content to keep your pages active.

Also, if you do your job well, you could end up becoming a brand ambassador for some brands. This is also another significant source of money for an Influencer.

Become A TikTok Influencer

Little did we know TikTok will become this big. Even though some just go out there just to watch videos for fun, some people are seriously making big bucks from the videos they post.

If you want to make money with TikTok, then you have to build your following. Get lots of followers, brands will automatically start reaching out to you for advertisements.

When your numbers go up and you have confidence in your numbers, you can start reaching out to popular brands. You charge few bucks and advertise their products few minutes in your TikTok video. You can make some cool cash with that.

Buy And Sell Bitcoin Later

Buy Bitcoin And Sell Later
I guess you have heard about Bitcoin quite a few times. It is Cryptocurrency that is dominating the internet right now.

Over the years, I have noticed that Bitcoin prices reduce significantly in the middle of every year and go up again, close to ending of every year.

The ups and downs of Bitcoin prices are mostly influenced by how people shop during Christmas.

As of April 2021, 1 Bitcoin was worth $63,588. At the time of this article, Bitcoin is worth $29,679 that which means Bitcoin price from April till now has decreased by more than 50%.

The chances of it going up again during Christmas into next year is very high. If you buy Bitcoin right now, you could make a little over 50% profit at its peak.

This is not forex trading, this is you buying for keeps and retailing when it’s in high demand.

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Making money is a must for everyone. We all keep searching and discovering new ways of making money every day. Even the richest people in the world still find new ways of making money.

In this article, we discussed 5 online businesses that promise great returns without any capital investment. We spoke about businesses that require no money. But, are capable of making you comfortable for a very long time. While all these businesses are lucrative, your success depends completely on your work rate. It also depends on how well you manage your time and how efficient you are.

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