MTN Device Insurance And What You Should Know

MTN Device Insurance is an insurance policy that insures your mobile phone. This allows MTN to fix your phone when its damaged or replace it for you when its beyond repairs.

How It Works

This service is strictly for MTN users only so you can’t register if you are not using MTN. The service allows MTN to repair or replace your damaged smartphone.

Before that will be done, you first have to subscribe to the service and pay anual insurance cover for your phone to be insured.

This service supports only smartphones and the subscriber must have the receipt for the phone purchased before subscribing to the service.

How To Activate MTN Device Insurance

Step 1. To activate the service, you must have a smartphone with MTN sim card installed. If you have, then you simply go to the playstore and download the Device Insurance App.

After downloading, simply open the app and it should detect your device. If it didn’t, then dial *#06# for your phones IMEI number and enter it. Check screenshot below.

MTN Device Insurance And What You Should Know

Fill in your First name, Last name, Email address and phone number if its not already detected. When done, click on the Next button.

Step 2. The next step is to go through the mobile phone health check. This will allow the app to collect data about your device in order to check if everything is working properly. Its just few of the checks that will allow you to take actions. Most of the checks are automated.

MTN Device Insurance And What You Should Know

When everything is checked, you will see the results on the next page just like the screenshot below.

MTN Device Insurance And What You Should Know

If you are not pleased with your check, you can try again by clicking the ‘Test Again‘ button. If you are pleased, just click on the “Continue” button.

Step 3. You will get to the user details form. Check if everything including the amount you bought your phone matches the one on the form. If everything is fine, click on the ‘Confirm‘ button.

MTN Device Insurance And What You Should Know

Step 4. This is where you make your device protection payment. Depending on how much your device costs, the system will automatically calculate your insurance cover for a year. Which you can renew every year.

You can also choose to make a part payment and pay the rest later. For now, the only payment method available is the MoMo.

Select your payment option, click “Pay” and confirm by entering your MoMo pin.

Screenshot 20210211 173249

After you have made your payment, incase of any damages, you just have to send your device to any MTN office to claim your insurance.


This is a pretty cool initiative especially for those who use very expensive smartphones. The whole idea is for you to be able to get your phone back when it is damaged.

You also have to understand that if for over the period you didn’t have any problems with your phone and your insurance expires, you are not entitled to anything.

Its an insurance so when it expires, you don’t have anything left. You can only claim the insurance when all conditions are met.

If you have any question or suggestion, kindly leave a comment in the box below.

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