Jumia Ghana: Read This Before You Buy From Jumia Ghana

Online shopping is one of the most interesting things technology has bestowed on us. It is not just fun and it also saves time.

Back in the 90s when there was nothing like high-end technology, most of the jobs we do these days automatically were all done manually with human effort.

If not because of technology, who would have imagined that working from the comfort of your home, shopping from the comfort of your home and even viewing what is happening around the globe would have been possible? Technology has come to stay and we should embrace it with joy. That is what I believe in.

Since I’m not going to be talking about Technology as a whole, I guess I will just have to move on with the reason why we are here. What I want to talk about here is online shopping and I’m specifically basing my review on Jumia Ghana.

Online shopping is taking over from the Mall roaming, pushing of heavy carts out of the Mall, sweating under the hot sun just looking for a cab to send your goods home and wasting much time finding where your favorite chocolate biscuits are located in the Mall.

Now everything is going digital. We don’t go out for shopping anymore, we shop all the goods from the comfort of our bed. It is fun and easier because you just have to punch in the names of your items and purchase.

Jumia Ghana is the largest online market operating in Ghana here and a lot of people are rushing online to buy their goods.

For those who are yet to purchase from Jumia for the first time, there will be doubts and questions that you probably won’t get anyone to answer which is probably the reason why I’m here.

You might get yourself all worked out asking yourself these questions:

Who/what is Jumia Ghana?

Jumia Ghana is an online retail mall that delivers your shopped goods to your doorstep.

How does Jumia outsource products?

Well, I do not have any concrete understanding of how it outsource it’s products but what I know for sure is that it is a retail shop so the products are definitely outsourced the same way every offline Mall outsource their products.

Is Jumia trust worthy?

I will say you don’t have to trust them not because I don’t trust them but because their services are not in anyway going to make use of your trust issues. If you feel you can’t trust them with your money, you can pay for the product on delivery. Even though there are many ways you can pay even before the items are delivered but if for the first time you find it difficult trusting them with your money, you can just shop and select “Pay on delivery” at checkout.

If you think there could be a fault with gadgets you will buy, don’t worry at all. These are brand new gadgets and if there is fault with any of them, you can easily return it for a refund or they will change it for you. There is also a note in the receipt that will be attached to your product. That note can be used to file a lawsuit if your demands are not met per the description on their site and they refuse a refund.

There are Jumia Ghana offices all over the country. Just google the locations or visit their website and you will find one in case of any problem.

Can they deliver to my location?

I have not purchased from all the regions before but Jumia promises a delivery to all the 10 Regions in Ghana. What I know for sure is there are few villages that they might probably not get to but if you live close to the capital, you can easily meet them up in the capital and get your item.

Can I find everything I want there?

You probably won’t find everything you want there but you will find a whole lots of products except perishable goods. Even if you don’t find exactly what you want, you will definitely get similar items.

Maybe all your questions have not been answered yet, Just leave them in the comments section and I will answer them or I will get you the right people who can answer them.

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