UFS Registration Fee And The Best Way To Apply For UFS

If you seek information about the UFS registration fee, then you are on the right page. You will not get information about only the UFS registration fee but you will also get to know the best way to apply for UFS admission.

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Apply for UFS admission

If you wish to file UFS online undergraduate or other postgraduate application, then head to my previous article; UFS Online Application: The Best Procedure To Follow.

This very article is targeted at showing you how to apply for UFS Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT) admission. It is very necessary that you apply using the right channels.

The University of the Free State (UFS) offers 100% online Advanced Certificate in Teaching (ACT) courses. These causes are available for applicants who wish to upgrade or choose a career path in teaching.

The course is 100% online and therefore will not demand that you travel to the university campus.

Application opening and UFS closing dates

This particular UFS online application has multiple UFS closing dates. It is very important that you check and know when to apply.

The ACT program starts thrice every academic year. The first batch starts in May, then in July, and the final batch starts in October. Same way, the UFS closing dates come in three batches.

The first UFS closing date is 18 April and you must pay your UFS registration fee before 30 April. Then 20 June and you must pay your UFS registration fee before 08 July. Finally, the last closing date is 05 September and you must pay your UFS registration fee before 23 September.

These UFS closing dates are for only applicants who wish to participate in the Advanced Certificate in Teaching. Visit the application page for more information.

If what you are looking for is Undergraduate or Postgraduate application closing dates, then check my previous article on the UFS application closing and opening dates.

How to apply for UFS ACT

To apply for UFS ACT, simply head to the application page. You should see a page similar to the one in the image below.

UFS registration fee and how to apply for UFS ACT

Click the “Request information” to bring the form.

There are three different certifications. They are;
1. Advanced Certificate in Foundation Phase Teaching
2. Advanced Certificate in Intermediate Phase Teaching
3. Advanced Certificate in Senior Phase English First Additional Language Teaching

Choose your choice of programme, fill out the form and submit it. The University of the Free State will reach out with the necessary procedures through your email.

Follow the UFS application process in my previous article if you want to apply for Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses. Make sure you read the UFS prospectus as well.

UFS registration fee

This UFS registration fee is only applicable to the UFS Advanced Certification in Teaching programme. For other courses including undergraduate and postgraduate UFS registration fees, check the UFS prospectus.

The fees are as follows:

  • South African applicants will pay and enroll at R3,040 per 10-week session and it will cost R1,500 to repeat a module if a student fails.
  • Lesotho and Southern African Development Community (SADC) applicants will pay and enroll at R3,485 per 10-week session and it will cost R1,500 to repeat a module if a student fails.
  • All other applicants will pay and enroll at R6,520 per 10-week session and it will cost R2,250 to repeat a module if the student fails.

UFS banking details

Applicants can pay the UFS registration fee by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Direct Deposit to the following banking details.

Account number: 157 015 1688
Reference: The number “100” and your student number

After making payments, send the proof of payment to [email protected].

Call 0800 233 724 for assistance if you need help.

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