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There are many things you must know about the UOA exam timetable and I am here to tell you all about it. I will also give you some vital tips that will help you prepare very well for your examination.

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The University of Auckland is one of the best universities in New Zealand so is normal for us to have a lot to write about this university.

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The UOA exam timetable

There is a different exam schedule every semester for each student. This makes it very important for each student of the University of Auckland to check their schedules individually to know exactly when they are sitting for their examination.

The UOA exam timetable is a very important aspect of everything concerning your academic life at the University of Auckland.

How to view your UOA timetable

Exam timetables are usually available from the first day of the mid-semester break. When the timetable is ready, you receive notifications via your University email. This notification is what makes the timetable official.

  • As soon as you receive the email confirming that your timetable is available, simply head to the student services online platform:
Best Way To View And Print Your UOA Exam Timetable
Auckland University Login Page
  • Log into the platform using your University username and password.
  • Click on the “My Exam Timetable” icon from the dashboard
  • Select the semester you would like to see the UOA exam timetable for. As soon as you click on this, your timetable should appear in a list view showing you which dates and times you must sit for your examination.

There is also a “Timetable Page” where you can see the official UOA exam timetable and track all future changes that are made to the timetable.

3 Very important things you must know about your timetable

You must treat these points seriously because these can affect academics negatively if you don’t heed them.

1. The exam times are in New Zealand Standard Time (NZST).

All the times on your UOA exam timetable are in New Zealand Standard Time. This means if you are outside New Zealand, then you must adjust or calculate your time accordingly so you do not miss your exam.
If you miss your sitting time or date, you will get a “Did Not Sit (DNS)” on your final grade which will hinder your progress.

2. Beware of Weekly Calendar View

You can switch your UOA exam timetable to the weekly calendar view. However, it is not recommended since most exams are scheduled for over a week.

In case you already have your timetable in the weekly calendar view, simply use the controls above the calendar to browse through the weeks. This will help you know which weeks you will be sitting for exams.

3. Missed exam

There are situations in which you might not be able to avoid missing an exam. Fortunately, there can be a consideration if you missed your exam due to any of the following reasons;

  1. Illness
  2. Injury
  3. Exception or unforeseen difficulties.

In any of the above-mentioned situations, you can apply for what is called Aegrotat or compassionate consideration. You must file your application not later than seven (7) days after the affected paper.

Your application must come with a supporting document explaining the circumstance that affected your test or exam. You will be required to also provide evidence that can be reasonably obtained to back your claim.

Note that in situations where you missed the exams due to late arrival to the exam centre, mixed date or time, your application will not be considered.

What to do if you have a problem with your exam timetable

The University of Auckland tries everything possible to make sure everyone gets their UOA exam timetable without any issues. However, there are some common problems that arise a few times.

One problem that usually arises from the many schedules is the “exam clash“. This refers to when you have multiple exams scheduled for the same time.

In such situations, the University of Auckland will reschedule one of your exams for a different time which will be usually within 24 hours after the main sitting. UOA will notify you via your email concerning the new development.

If you find yourself in this situation, contact UOA. Usually, you will not have to take any action.

Preparing for your UOA exam sitting

An examination is one of the many important events in the life of every student. This makes proper preparation a top priority before sitting for your exam.

I will outline some major preparations you must do before taking your exam.

  • One of the major preparations you must do is solve past questions. This will go a long way to help you build confidence for your exam. I have written a full article about How To Get UOA Past Exam Papers For Free. Check it out and start preparing yourself for your exam.
  • The next important thing is to note down all your times on the UOA exam timetable. This bit of preparation will help you know when to learn and when to relax since learning under pressure also has its own negative effects.


As you can see there are so many things you must do as soon as your UOA exam timetable is available. You have to take note of all of them.

Most importantly, take note that the probability of having “Did Not Sit (DNS)” on your final grade score is very high if you miss an exam.

Prepare very well before your exam is due so that you will not feel any tension.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave a comment in the box I will reply as early as possible.

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