Latest UP Library Services Guide for You

Whether you are new or existing user of the UP Library Services, this simple guide will help you to know more about the library and its services you didn’t know before.

The UP Library helps students and staff at the University of Pretoria. It’s been around since 1911, making it one of South Africa’s oldest academic libraries. The library isn’t just one big place; it’s made up of different libraries for different subjects. Some are in the same building, and some are spread across the university’s campuses.

Apart from physical books, there’s an online part of the library. Students and staff can log in there to find digital materials for their studies. This makes learning resources more accessible.

The library is here to support everyone at the University of Pretoria. Let’s explore more about UP library services and what it offers to make learning and teaching easier for students and staff.

Understanding UP Library Services

The library at the University of Pretoria isn’t just one place; it’s a group of libraries for different subjects. There are a total up to 11 different libraries with physical locations that users can go. Some are together, and others are in different parts of the university. This helps students and staff easily get the materials they need for their studies.

What the Libraries Offer

  1. Access to Online Resources: The library has lots of digital stuff like e-books and online journals that students and staff can use for learning and research.
  2. Help with Research: Librarians are there to help people find what they need for their studies. They can guide on how to use the library’s resources.
  3. Places to Study: There are quiet spots for studying alone and places where groups can work together. They have things to help you learn better.
  4. Special Books and Archives: Some libraries have special books or old records that can be really helpful for certain subjects.
  5. Learning Workshops: The library runs workshops to teach useful skills for studying and using the library.
  6. Technology You Can Borrow: Apart from books, they also lend things like laptops and tablets to help with studies.
  7. Getting Books from Other Libraries: If they don’t have a book you need, they can try to get it from another library.

The libraries are open all day and night. This means you can study or find books anytime you need, making it easier for everyone to access resources when it suits them.

The Faculty Libraries

The UP Library Services include lots of libraries for different subjects. These libraries are super helpful for students and teachers because they focus on specific areas of learning.

Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences Library

This library is for students studying Economics & Management Sciences. It’s in the Department of Library Services building at UP. You can find materials here that support learning and teaching. Also, students can access resources online.

  • Phone Numbers: 012 420 5375 / 012 420 5376

Faculty of Education Library

For students in the Faculty of Education, this library is in the Media building at Groenkloof Campus. It has materials for all levels of education, from basic school to university. You can use their online portal to find resources.

  • Phone Number: 012 420 2235 / 012 420 2236

Faculties of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology Library

This library on Level 5 of the Department of Library Services building has lots of research materials for students. You can access their materials online too.

  • Phone Number: 012 420 2266

Faculty of Health Sciences

There are several libraries under Health Sciences. They have different addresses and phone numbers. All these libraries use the same online portal for remote access to their resources.

This particular library has five sub-libraries which I will put in a table below.

Medical LibraryFaculty of Health Sciences
HW Snyman North Building
Bophelo Road 31
Phone Numbers
012 356 3193
012 356 3194
012 356 3195
BMS/Dentistry LibraryBasic Medical Sciences Building
Bophelo Road 9

Phone Number: 012 319 2905
Klinikala LibraryKlinikala Building
Klipspringer Road

Phone Number: 012 373 1031
Witbank LibraryWitbank Hospital
c/o President & Coert Steynberg Avenue

Phone Number: 012 653 2342
Weskoppies LibraryPhone Number: 012 356 3190

These libraries, along with others like the Faculty of Law, Mamelodi Library, Music Library, and more, have specific materials to support different studies at the University of Pretoria.

The UP library services provide a lot of online support for students. This makes one of best academic libraries in South Africa.

How to borrow books from the UP Library

Key Takeaway Points
Register as a library member using your ID.
Find books using the catalog or by browsing shelves.
Borrow books at the circulation desk with librarian help.
Return books on time at the circulation desk or drop box.
Renew books online or contact the library for extensions.

If you want to borrow books from the UP Library, it’s straightforward! Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Become a Library Member

First, you need to be a member of the library. Don’t worry, it’s easy! You can register at the library’s front desk by showing your student or staff ID.

Step 2: Find the Books You Want

Once you’re a member, you can start looking for the books you need. You can find books using the library’s online catalog or by browsing through the shelves in the library.

Step 3: Borrowing the Books

When you find the books you want, take them to the circulation desk. The librarian there will help you with the borrowing process. They’ll scan your library card and the books you’re borrowing. Usually, there’s a limit to the number of books you can borrow at one time.

Step 4: Returning the Books

Remember, borrowed books have a return date. Make sure to bring them back on time to avoid late fees. You can return them at the circulation desk or by using the book drop box if the library has one.

Step 5: Renewing Books

If you need the books for longer, you can renew them! You can usually renew books online through the library’s website or by contacting the library. This gives you more time with the books if no one else needs them.

The UP library services Network is very huge so registering at one library means you can access any other library. If you wish to take up the University of Pretoria vacancies as a librarian, you can check out a previous article about that.

Accessing UP Library Online

You can access the UP Library online from anywhere! Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Visit the Library Website
    Open your internet browser (like Google Chrome or Safari).
    Type in the library’s website address: and hit “Enter.”
  • Step 2: Explore the Online Resources
    Once on the website, look for the “Search bar.” Check the screenshot below.
Latest UP Library Services Guide for You
Latest UP Library Services Guide for You

You can search for books, articles, journals, and more using the search bar.

  • Step 3: Log in (if required)
    Sometimes, to access certain resources, you may need to log in using your student or staff ID.
  • Step 4: Browse and Use Resources
    Explore the different categories or use the search bar to find what you need.
    Click on the resource you want to use and follow any instructions given.
  • Step 5: Accessing E-books and Journals
    If you’re looking for e-books or journals, the website will have a section dedicated to these. Click on them to read or download.
  • Step 6: Help and Support
    If you need help or have questions, the website usually has a “Help” or “Contact” section with information on how to get assistance.

By following these steps, you can easily access a wealth of resources available through the UP Library’s online platform from the comfort of your home or anywhere with internet access.


The UP Library Services are here to support you in your studies at the University of Pretoria. With different libraries for each subject and plenty of resources, they make learning easier.

As you explore all these services, remember that you can access even more through the UP Library’s website. It’s a place where you can find lots of books, articles, and helpful materials for your studies.

You can also check out an earlier article we wrote about the University of Pretoria student portal. It is a comprehensive article that will help you discover more about the University’s student portal.

If you’re considering joining the University of Pretoria or want to learn more about what they offer, take a look at the UP Prospectus.

Remember, these resources are there to help you succeed in your academic journey. Explore them and make the most out of what the UP Library Services and the University of Pretoria have to offer!

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