Top 10 MTN Turbonet SIM Features You Must Know

Top 10 MTN Turbonet SIM Features You Must Know

Do you know the MTN Turbonet SIM is different from the regular MTN SIM cards we use? Here are some of the features of the SIM you must know in case you want to get some or you already own some. These features will help you know what you can do and what you can’t do with the SIM.

Top 10 MTN Turbonet SIM Features You Must Know

Earlier, I wrote about “How to Buy MTN Turbonet Router This Year” and in the article, I revealed some of the things you have to check when buying from third-party vendors.

There are many features of the MTN Turbonet SIM that will help you know how the device works as well as what you can and can not do with the device.

Top 10 MTN Turbonet SIM Features You Must Know

Below are some of the features of the you must know about the SIM.

1. Needs a subscriber number to be linked

One of the major important things you must know about the MTN Turbonet number is the fact that another MTN subscriber number must be linked to it. This is to help you manage your account.

It will help you check your balance, buy data and perform other simple tasks that you might wish to insert the Turbonet SIM into a cell phone to perform.

2. Data packages come in two different categories

The Turbonet data bundle packages come in two different categories. There is the residential package which is for personal use and there is the business package which is purposely for businesses.

The residential package is capped which means you buy an amount of data bundle and when it is exhausted, you are done. With the business package, you pay and use the internet at a certain speed depending on how much you paid.

3. MTN Turbonet SIM is not available without the device

The Turbonet is just a name on a Huawei router. It is the type of SIM in the router that makes it the Turbonet.

Even though it doesn’t come inbuilt, you can only purchase it with the device. Without the Turbonet device, there is no way you could get the SIM card.

4. MTN Turbonet SIM can’t be used in a cell phone

To prevent people from trying to game the system, MTN has put all the mechanisms in place to prevent Turbonet users from using their SIM card in a cell phone.

Immediately you slot the SIM card into your cell, it will get suspended. In such cases, you will not be able to browse, text, make or receive calls even if you insert it back into the device.

The only you can unsuspend the MTN Turbonet SIM is to visit any of the MTN service centres. Your ownership will be verified and it will get unsuspended so you can use it on the device again.

5. Doesn’t work in 3G zones

The MTN Turbonet SIM doesn’t work in 3G zones so if you have 3G signals often in your zone, you are likely to experience a slower connection or no connection at all.

If you are already experiencing a really slow connection on your device, you can check out this article I wrote earlier about “How to Increase the MTN Turbonet Speed to 300MBps“.

6. It doesn’t support *138# MTN regular bundles

The MTN Turbonet SIM card doesn’t support the type of bundles we use on our cell phones. If you purchase data using the *138# on this type of SIM Card, you will get feedback that it is not supported.

If you want to buy a data bundle on the MTN Turbonet, the only code to use is the *5057#. You can also use MobileMoney if you want to purchase data from your wallet. Check out this article I wrote earlier about “How to Buy Data on MTN Turbonet or FTTX” to learn more.

7. Can make and receive calls with the help of telephone

The Turbonet SIM card can make and receive calls. This does not contradict the fact that you can not use the SIM card in a cell phone.

To make and receive calls with the Turbonet, you must have a telephone connected to the router. This will help you receive or even make calls from the Turbonet device.

8. Superfast

The Turbonet boasts up to 300MBps of internet connection speed. In this part of the world, it is not common to see a device offering such a speed.

Internet speed I believe is the major reason why most people buy these devices. And most of the users are never disappointed.

9. The data bundles are very cheap

The MTN Turbonet data bundles are cheaper compared to the regular data bundles you buy. For instance, you will get 4.3GB for GHS 43 on Turbonet. But on the regular subscriber SIM, you will get 2.56GB for GHS43.

10. Strictly 4G

The SIM card is strictly 4G. It means it can never downgrade to 3G. If there is no 4G signal, then this SIM will not work at all and will show no signal instead of showing 3G.

While most 4G SIMs will downgrade to 3G where 4G signals are not strong, the Turbonet on the other hand will rather show no signal where there is no 4G signal.


These are some of the amazing features you must know about the Turbonet device. Knowing these features will help you understand what you can do and what you can’t do with the device.

Make sure not to use the SIM card in a cell phone else it will get suspended and the only way to unsuspend it will be to visit the MTN service centre.

If there is any issue with your Turbonet or Fibre Broadband that you would like MTN to assist you with, call 116 or you can contact MTN Ghana via their website.

If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly leave them in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

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