Top 10 Things You Should Know About The MTN TurboNet

Earlier I wrote few things about the MTN TurboNet and the Fibre BroadBand.

In this new article, I will be writing about ten things you should know about the Turbo net. If you have not read my earlier article about the device, you can check it from here: MTN Turbo Net – Internet Surfing Speed Up To 300MBps

Here are 10 things you should know about the device.

10. No cabling needed

The device is a full 4G LTE device that operates on a 4G SIM card so there is no need to connect it from a bypass Fibre cable.

9. Doesn’t work in 3G zones

The device is only 4G supported and doesn’t work in 3G zones. You can only get internet access in MTN 4G zones since the device doesn’t downgrade to 3G.

8. There is a signal booster.

If you are not getting enough signal for your device, there is a signal booster that you can purchase in addition to the device in any MTN service center.

7. Connects up to 32 devices simultaneously

The device can connect up to 32 users simultaneously, meaning up to 32 people can connect and use the device on the go.

6. Works in up to 100m distance range.

You can still get the wireless signal if you are 100m away from the device.

5. Super fast

The device can give you up to 300MBps of internet speed that makes it the fastest internet connection in Ghana right now.

4. Has detachable sim card

There is a detachable sim card in the device but removing the sim card is prohibited. The sim card gets suspended when removed from the device and used in a phone. The user must visit the office to get the sim card working again. The user also looses the 5GB (free 6 months) data if the sim was removed during the early 6 months after purchase.

3. MTN TurboNet Device is very cheap

The device is very cheap compared to most of the 4G devices in the market. For as low as Ghc 299 you can get the device and enjoy super fast internet.

2. The data bundles are very cheap

The data bundles are very cheap and for as low as 20Ghc, you can enjoy the super fast internet in Ghana.

1 .Data packages come in two different categories.

You can purchase data bundles in two different categories. Unlimited data for businesses which is not capped and the capped bundles for home users.

If you want to know more about the MTN TurboNet device, call 100 on MTN.

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