How To Do MTN Sim Swap Without Visiting The Office

MTN Sim swap or MTN Sim replacement can be done from the comfort of your home without visiting any office and I will teach you how to do it right here.

There are only two major reasons why someone will go for a sim swap or sim replacement. One of them will be when it is missing and the next will be when you have it but still want to replace it because it is broken, too old or because its not 4G.

In this article I will teach you how to replace your MTN sim card without visiting any office.

How To Do A 4G MTN Sim Swap Without Visiting The Office

This procedure will only work if you already have a working old MTN sim card which is not 4G. This procedure won’t work without the old sim.

To do this, you must first buy a New MTN sim card that is not registered. An already registered sim card will not work.

Make sure you have backed up all your contacts on the sim and also you have less than GHC50.00 in your MobileMoney account. If you have Ghc 50 or above, the process will not work.

  • Insert the old sim into your phone and check to confirm if your simcard really is a 3G sim by dialing the MTN Shortcode: *156# and select option 2 (Internet Settings).
  • Select Option 2 (LTE check ) again. If your Sim is not 4G supported, you will see a notification. If it is already 4G, then the procedure will not work.

If your sim card is not 4G, then you have to follow the procedures below carefully to do the sim swap as any mistake could affect the process. Before you start, kindly take the new sim you bought and note down the twelve-digit serial numbers on the pack.

  • Dial *156# again and select option 4 (4G Sim change)
  • You will be asked to enter the 12 digit numbers on your new sim card so kindly do it and confirm.

You will receive a message right after the process above But do not insert the new sim card into the phone yet. Leave the old sim in the phone.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a second message on your old sim and when the network signals drop, you can finally break the new Sim and insert it into your phone.

Sim Replacement When The Sim Is Missing

Most of the time, when the sim is missing, it is very difficult to get it replaced from the comfort of your home since you will have to verify lots of information concerning your sim card.

There are many questions you will have to answer before the replacement and I will list them below. If you can pass all these questions, you will be able to get it replaced.

If your sim got lost more than 30 days before you want to follow this procedure, it will not work. You can’t replace your sim more than one time in a month using this procedure.

  • Which year did you buy the sim card? (This particular year will be run down or up to the nearest number if you get it wrong. However, if the year you mentioned has more than two years difference to what is on the system, you could fail the process.)
  • The name on your sim card which must be the same name as your MobileMoney account, any little difference will render the process invalid.
  • The last time you bought airtime which must also be the exact day on the system.
  • The amount of money in your MobileMoney account must be less than GHC50.00
  • Get another number from which you can be reached it doesn’t matter which network it is.
  • You must also have a new sim card which is not registered.

If you can pass all the above procedings, then you will be able to replace your sim card from the comfort of your home.

To start the process, you must get another MTN Number and call the MTN customer service on “100” (Do not call the call center with the new sim you bought and do not insert the new sim into any phone until the process is complete.)

You will be asked all the questions above and when asked to provide a serial number of your new sim card you provide the 12 digits serial number on the pack. From there you will be asked to provide an alternative number from which you can be contacted. You must provide a number that you can be reached on.

Within 48 hours after calling the call center, you should receive a call from 0244300000 on the alternative number. You will be asked to confirm the information you provided when you called the call center.

Make sure you provide exactly the same information you provided to the call center agent. If you pass, within 24 hours, your sim card should be working. If you don’t pass, the technician calling from MTN will refer you to the nearest MTN office.

This is the easiest way to do MTN Sim swap. You won’t have to provide ID card numbers so you can go through this process if your ID card is missing as well.

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